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All we do is pierce ~ So we do it better!

You have found Body Pleasure Piercing because you share our interest, our passion and our curiosity about this art form. Perhaps you have many piercings or perhaps you have none, we hope that this site can fill that hole in you body or your mind with the very best advice and products available.

Between Geoff, Rhonda and Mustafa we have a combined knowledge base and experience of approx 60 years. Between the three of us we have performed approximately 70,000 piercing procedures and given countless hours of advice and assistance to people just like yourself.

If you can’t find the answers here then contact us directly and we will do our best to help you.

Find us also on Instagram!  "BodyPleasurePiercing"

On September 18th 2010 we undertook the challenge of getting a world record for more information see our Guiness World Record page.  This record has now been rested by Giness world recprds because someone stupidly decided to say they would double it which was deemed as dangerous.  And so nobody is able to beat this record.  


As our priority is providing exceptional service we don't always have time to be editing and upgrading our website.  We are so busy doing piercings, brandings, implants and scarification that the website often gets a little neglected therefore, some areas of this site are still under construction and we are working on them as fast as we can... If you are looking for a particular price or piece of information then please contact us via our emails and we will reply promtly.



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